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16 x RGB Pixel Bar


From our tests of the glediator software in combination with the legendary WS2801 chips we had some of those 3-LED-WS2801 boards in spare. Further we still had some plexi glass window left from our true color matrix project. Some Arduino UNO boards are always available in our tool box.

Thus we had all ingredients to spend an evening building a small mini project. And this is what we ended with:




Youtube Clip


The Arduino sketch is written straight forward without any ticks. You can find it in our download section. Alternitvely you can take our WS2801-Sketch and steer the pixel bar using Glediator as a 1x16 Matrix.

That's it - enjoy and have fun!




0 # Greg 2012-11-30 06:19
Was wondering if you would share the schematic for this board ?
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